Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sketchy, sketchy

('Tiels in oil on wood panel. Work in progress.) 

You guys. It has been a stupidly busy year. So busy that I kind of fell off the art bandwagon for a little while. I've been picking my creative side back up in the past month or so, though, and it feels SO GOOD!!! Every time I paint after a dry spell I'm reminded why I keep coming back to creating despite whatever other potentially more "lucrative" things are going on. Art is my lifeblood. Really. It's meditative, expressive, and when I'm done, I just feel so...good!! As a bonus, my glorious clients and I have pretty things to hang on our walls. 

Starting back in January, I decided to start keeping a (mostly daily) journal/sketchbook. I've always loved doodling and writing, and honestly, it's been a really therapeutic thing to do. I know, I know, an artist keeping a sketchbook is hardly a new revelation. But being consistent with it is new, at least for me, and after years of intentions and resolutions, I finally seem to have made it a part of my daily life. At the risk of it looking like amateur hour up in this blog, here are some sketches from my daily doodle journal to tide you over until my next fun projects are ready for the world's eyes. Some of my absolute favorite artists from around the internet routinely post quick, unfinished sketches, and they've helped me get over my fear of showing off unfinished cuteness. Enjoy! Namaste, my loves! 

This summer, the man and I treated ourselves to river rafts. They are incredible fun for both us and Kobi!
Summer solstice/lithia/whatever you'd like to call it was last week. I like drawing fairies (this should surprise no one). Inspired by Celtic lore in which fairies come out to play on the solstice, a la Midsummer Night's Dream, meet my Lithia fairy! 

This is, uh, exactly what it looks like.
True story from a park adventure one evening. Daniel kept offering the dogs mulch and they kept taking it, spitting it out, and eagerly asking for more. It was the most hilarious.

For all my badass shieldmaidens: Lagertha!