Monday, June 27, 2011

I have been a busy little bee this weekend! Check it out:

Central London map bracelet: This puppy might be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's really fun how imagery can transport you to another place and time, and this one does that for me. There's something comforting about jolly old England and its rich history. It's kind of my happy place, so this is kind of my happy bracelet.

Earrings! All are hand-cut and hand-cast in epoxy resin.

Here's what my desk looked like today. It pretty accurately sums up what I've been doing. You can see stacks of beautifully aged vintage books, which are really fascinating content-wise: there are ones about herbology, the Choctaw Indians, a book on "world culture" from 1920 (which, let me assure you, is markedly different from what we know now), and a whole book of some family's genealogy. You can also see some casting supplies, my phone (hah), and a drawing of my dog. I'll post more about the dog drawing and the epic trilogy it's a part of later.

I really admire people who have organized workspaces. As with so many things, I blame work. One fine day, I too will have a beautifully organized desk. My sewing desk is in pretty good shape; I guess that's a good start.

I also just ordered a boatload of jewelrymaking supplies. I wish I were a patient person, but that's not in the cards for me, so I'll probably be spending the next two weeks waiting by the front door like a kid waiting for presents (Calvin and Hobbes and Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs? Anyone?). Eek! Crafty days make me happeh.