Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Meet Kate: the Beauty AND the Brains Behind Chipper Cheeper on Etsy!

Here's something you guys may not know and I'm mildly embarrassed to admit: I don't fill the orders for my Etsy shop. Someone far more gorgeous, organized, and talented than I am does: the great Kate! She has done so much to support me as I chase this crazy artist dream of mine, I thought that the internet deserves to know how awesome she is. I mean, just look at that Alice in Wonderland outfit! (She made that!)

Kate and I go way back. We met when I was in college and spent many summer days baking in the Georgia sun together, scheming and dreaming about the bohemian lives we would one day lead. We daydreamed about sustainable communities, treehouses you could live in, and, of course, going into business together as artists. Kate introduced me to yoga, gardening, and clean eating. She inspired me with her INSANE talent as a seamstress, and we had plenty of fun creating costumes together for conventions, photoshoots, Halloween, festivals, or just for fun. Even though we never lived in the same city, we've had a friendship full of creative energy that's helped me keep my dream alive through my sometimes-tumultuous twenties.

(That corset? She made that too.)

The Chipper Cheeper Etsy shop has been the nexus of my art business since it opened in 2011. However, about a year ago, life got busy as it sometimes does and I had to make a difficult decision: to close down the Etsy store. I resented having to choose between my art and my day job, and I missed seeing my work out there in the interwebs. That's when the amazing Kate came to my rescue! As a new mom, she needed a way to make some extra cash while being around for her adorable newborn boy. I needed a hand, and voila! The unstoppable creative duo we always envisioned became reality. For the last year, Kate has been holding it down on the Etsy front, despite us being not only in different cities but on opposite coasts. Obviously, she has done an amazing job, and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together in the future.

So here's to you, Kate! Thank you so much for all you've done for me as a friend and an artist. You rule, mama!